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The veterinary team at Valencia Veterinary Center offers a wide range of soft tissue surgical procedures for our dog and cat veterinary patients in Santa Clarita.

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What are soft tissue surgical procedures?

Soft tissue surgery is an umbrella term that covers most surgical procedures which operate on the skin, muscles, tissues, and inside the abdomen of your pet (orthopedic surgery covers procedures on bones, joints, and ligaments).

Our veterinary team offers surgical procedures for cats and dogs who suffer from nose, ear and throat disorders. We also treat orogenital, oncological, gastrointestinal, cardiothoracic and hepatic disorders. 

Soft Tissue Surgery, Santa Clarita

Soft Tissue Procedures At Valencia Veterinary Center

Our experienced, compassionate veterinarians will work hard to ensure that your pet's surgery is as comfortable and free of stress as possible.

We will walk you through each step of your pet's veterinary surgery, including what preparation and post-operative care you should be providing for your four-legged companion. We want to make sure you will have all the information you need to make the decisions, which are best for your pet. 

Soft Tissue Surgery, Santa Clarita

Soft Tissue Surgery FAQs

  • What happens during the consultation appointment?

    During a consultation before the operation, our vets will review your pet's medical history with you and conduct a physical examination of your companion. We will also conduct any other appropriate diagnostic tests, like blood work, to determine the nature of your pet's condition. 

    Diagnostic testing of this nature can include x-rays (also known as radiographs), ultrasounds, biopsies, CT scans and ultrasounds. Once we have received the results, we will make a surgery plan and discuss it with you. 

  • Do the consultation appointment and surgery happen on the same day?

    No. The consultation is to conduct pre-operative exams prior to surgery. Your vet will have to receive the results from the tests they will conduct during this consultation from our lab to schedule the surgical appointment itself.

  • How long does the surgery take?

    Surgeries will most often last between two and four hours. The duration of your dog or cat's surgery will depend on what surgery is being performed and what your pet's specific condition is. 

  • Does my pet have to stay overnight?

    Often, our patients will have to stay overnight in our clinic after their surgery so their recovery can be monitored. However, depending on the kind of procedure they receive and how quickly they are able to recover from anesthesia, your pet may be able to return home with you on the same day as their procedure. 

  • Does you hospital perform cyst or boil removals?

    Cycts are sacs in the skin containing fluid that cause a swelling on the surface of the skin. A boil (medically known as an abscess) is a sac of skin containing pus that is typically an indication of a localized infection.

    Our Santa Clarita vets can safely remove your pet's cycts or boils using traditional surgery with a scalpel or by using a surgical laser to help promote faster healing. 

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