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Experienced Surgical Care

Our veterinary surgeons in Santa Clarita offers a variety of surgical services like soft tissue surgery, spay & neuter procedures and dental surgery.

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Soft Tissue

In cats and dogs, soft tissue surgeries cover a wide range of operations and procedures including tissues.

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Spay & Neuter

Spaying or neutering your pet will prevent unwanted pregnancies and help prevent many diseases and conditions in your dog or cat.

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What to Expect from Surgery

Our veterinary team will always keep you informed about what we are doing for a given veterinary surgery and why we are doing it. We will also be sure to walk you through any preparation or post-operative care you should provide for your pet. 

  • Soft Tissue Surgery

    The veterinary team at Valencia Veterinary Center offers a wide range of soft tissue surgical procedures for our dog and cat veterinary patients in Santa Clarita. Book an Appointment What are soft tissue surgical procedures? Soft tissue surgery is an umbrella term that covers most sur...
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  • Spaying & Neutering

    Pet parents with new puppies or kittens in their Santa Clarita homes may often wonder if they should have their companion neutered or spayed.   Book An Appointment What does spaying and neutering mean? Neutering and spaying both refer to the surgical sterilization of an anima...
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