Jose recently returned to VVC as a tech after some time working at another hospital. He says his favorite part of working here is the staff. He has two dogs, Venice and Luna, and his favorite times are spent at the beach, playing music and surfing!

woman holding small black pig



Gabby has been with us for almost 3 years and she counts barrel racing and 4H among her hidden talents. She loves to dance and sing and is a force of positive energy for the staff! She (and her family) have 7 dogs, 3 horses and 3 cats!



Anabell has been working at VVC for 6 years and says working with the animals is her favorite part of the job. Her special talents include playing guitar and photography. She lives with her two dogs, Molly and Minnie.

woman kissing large bulldog



Monica loves working with the pets and people here at VVC. She is an accomplished singer and shares her gift with us every day! Her favorite candy is caramel and she lives with her son and 2 cats at home.

woman holding exotic looking beige cat



Nancy has been working with Dr Grewal for more than 10 years! She is an invaluable resource for the staff at VVC. Originally from Columbia, she has lived and worked in the US since . She cares deeply for our patients and clients and holds everyone here to her high standards. She lives with her husband and their children, along with their pets, Peggy, Sassy, Rockie, and Ronnie.