Antonella Andrietti, DVM


Dr. Andretti was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She completed her university and veterinary medicine training at Universidad Nacional de La Plata, or National University of La Plata, in Argentina.
She pursued veterinary medicine as a career because of her love of animals. Her favorite part of her job is caring for the animals, and handling her cases from beginning to end.
Her most memorable case was a dog that came to the hospital with septic peritonitis and required exploratory surgery to find the cause. It turned out that the dog had eaten an entire bath towel!!!
Dr. Andretti lives in Valencia with her husband Sebastian and their son Francesco, 5. They just recently lost their beloved family cat.
In her free time, Dr. Andretti enjoys sports – specifically kickboxing and jujitsu.

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Harpreet Sekhon, DVM


Dr. Harry, as he is known around the hospital, was born in Vallejo, CA. He attended UC Riverside for his undergraduate degree and St. Matthews University in the Cayman Islands for veterinary medical school. He also completed residency hours at University of Illinois.
He was raised with many canine “siblings” and sees animals as part of the family. He pursued veterinary medicine as a career because it seemed to fit with his personal ideology, as well as being a family legacy! He most values his role as an educator and his favorite part of being a vet is communicating with the clients about their pets, and educating them on the care of their pet’s wellness.
His most memorable case was a dog that presented with inconclusive symptoms. He first did an endoscope procedure to check for obstructions, and then proceeded to an exploratory surgery. He discovered a fully intact squeaky toy in the dog’s stomach! The dog recovered very well and the owners were grateful!
Dr. Harry now lives in Santa Clarita with his two Chihuahuas (Simba and Sasha) and one spoiled German Shepherd named Jackie.
In his free time, Dr. Harry loves to travel – his favorite destinations so far have been Punjab, India, the Cayman Islands and his Eurotrip!

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Baljit Grewal, DVM


Born and raised on a farm in India, Dr. Grewal has been around animals since he was a child. He graduated from Punjab Agricultural University and later moved to the U.S., where he completed his clinical training at the University of Missouri, Columbia. He began his career in veterinary medicine working for a small animal practice in Southern Illinois. Years later, he moved to Valencia and established Valencia Veterinary Center in Santa Clarita.

Dr. Grewal has been involved in veterinary medicine for over 20 years and is closely affiliated with many veterinary associations. These include the American Veterinary Medical Association, California Veterinary Medical Association, and Southern California Veterinary Medical Association. He strives to always provide cutting-edge, reliable care to his patients using the most up-to-date technology, which is why he regularly undergoes continuing education courses.

Dr. Grewal is passionate about animal care, his community, and his family. He has provided emergency care to hundreds of animals over the course of his career, and he appreciates your trusting him to care for your pet.